CD packaging

Amstore SA have created a range of packaging solutions for the CD audio & CD-ROM markets. This has given as a market leading position as we look at a total project solution.

Our extensive range of standard CD packaging products cater for a broad spread of projects. Some are ideal for CD mailing with the additional protection they provide the CD whilist being low in weight.  Some products are designed specifically for big marketing impact. Generally we have classified these into Popular & Special / Creative packaging solutions.


Some popular packaging types:

  • CD cases
  • Slim line cases
  • CD booklets
  • Slider Packs
  • C shells
  • PaperFoam
  • Jewel cases
  • Ejector cases
  • DVD cases
  • Maxi single cases
  • Plastic wallets / self-adhesive strips
  • CD & DVD Super Jewel cases


Much of the South African CD audio, DVD video and corporate market is dominated by these standard cd packaging formats.  However, lately, people need more environmentally friendly solutions, we’ve worked with our clients to provide paper/ card solutions using recycled materials or now, more commonly, paper/ board from sustainable forests.  This combined with the need for more innovative impactful packaging has resulted in a massive range of creative packaging.


Creative / Innovative cd packaging solutions

  • CD tray pack Style / Digipak style
  • CD tins
  • Printed card wallets/ Card sleeves
  • Lancing packs/ Card wallet with flap
  • DVD tray pack style / DVD digipak style / DIgifile
  • CD slider pack with tray
  • Leather bound CD/ DVD cases
  • Multi tray pack cases
  • Slip cases
  • Gatefold wallet/ Twin wallets
  • Maltese cross pack



Most of our CD packaging can be finished in a variety of ways including: Matt lamination, Gloss lamination, machine sealer varnish, Matt UV and Gloss UV, Emboss, de-boss, foil block, special die cuts and many more.

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