CD DVD replication

CD DVD replication


What is CD DVD replication?

Amstore offers a complete replication service, providing options for all core CD and DVD formats as shown below. If you need information on Blu-ray please call us on the number above.

CD audio

DVD audio

CD Rom


Enhanced CD

DVD Extra / DVD plus

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What is CD or DVD replication?

CD or DVD Replication is a process to create an exact copy of your master. It is by far the most cost effective manufacturing process for volume requirements for the CD Audio/ DVD Rom / DVD Audio market.

The replication process for CD and DVD follows a number of key stages:

  • Glass mastering
  • Stamper creation
  • Injection moulding
  • Disc printing

After we receive your master, we generate a Glass Master, this is essentially a piece of glass material from which the production stampers are created. The Glass Master is put in galvanic baths where nickel stampers are grown on to the Glass Master through the galvanic process. The initial stamper to come off the Glass Master is known as the Father and from this Stamper, a Mother is grown and a further family of Stampers. These additional stampers are grown in case of failure on the machine and to ensure there is a backup available.

These Stampers are then used on the injection mould production lines to press (or Stamp) your replica discs. After the discs are injection moulded and Stamped, they move down the injection moulding line and each disc is individually metalized (to make it reflective) and coated with a protective lacquer, finally it’s UV cured and then fully tested for physical imperfections.

As discs come off the line they look silver on both sides, so next, the artwork needs to be printed onto the disc. Primarily two print methods are used in CD & DVD printing; Screen printing and the Litho printing process. Our designers will review your artwork to determine which process will work best with your design to get an optimal CD DVD print result.

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